About The New Disqus Commenting System

Disqus-LogoI spent some time today installing and customizing the Disqus comment system you see below. I am super impressed with this company and thought I would "Disqus" how it works and some if its benefits.

At it's core, Disqus is a commenting with advanced features such as voting and threaded commenting. Aside from being a simple commenting tool, Disqus adds various social aspects to your site allowing your community to better interact with one another.

After creating an account, your profile travels with you to every website that uses the Disqus system (and the number of them is growing at a rapid rate). Your comments will display your avatar, link to your accounts on other social websites such as Twitter, Facebook etc. and most importantly, it displays the recent comments you made on other websites using Disqus. This makes Disqus a great tool for finding similar websites you might be interested based on where other people are commenting.

Disqus also offers publishers a bunch of cool widgets they can add to their blog including: recent comments, popular threads & top commenters. On the back end, Disqus gives you a simple, beautiful interface for managing your comments and interacting with your website's community.

Not only is the look of your comments fully customizale with css, but I was able to customize the threading so that whichever link you are viewing this post from, the comments stick together. I have always been a fan of CuteNews, but one problem has caused me endless headaches and thats the multiple URLs for every article.

This post alone can be viewed at:




As you can see, all of the comments still stick together no matter what url you use. I documented the Disqus/CuteNews integration over at SplitP if you are interested.

Special thanks to Danial Ha for helping me get this up and running to perfection. With such a dedicated founder, and amazing product, I see a very bright future for the Discus system.

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