This morning VMW opened @ $70.18 after closing yesterday at 65.99!
The reason... Jefferies (some monkey analyst) raised their price target from 71 to 74. When I saw this thing high flyin i put in my sell order at 74. If it went to that target on the same day it was set I was sure it would sell off.

So what happen? VMW soared str8 to 74... well 73.95 anyway! This didnt pull my trigger so i had to adjust down to 73.50 where I did get my fill. I will DEFIANTLY get back in this stock, maybe trade it a little. Either way this stock is staying on my main watch list.

Bought Aug. 15 @ 51.99
Sold Aug. 22 @ $73.50
+21.51 per share
+41.4% in 5 trading days

I think this is my all time record... Ill havta check.

I have to cut back on my Jamba habbit. The stock didn't do what I expected so I need to get out. I am going to sell half of my position today and hope for a nice bump so i can sell the other half. I can't be hanging on to trades like this.

Sold half position in JMBA for 6.78

Oh man was I right about VMW. I only wish I picked up more shares in the 52-55 range. Today it hit an all time high of 64.76 on a simple coverage initiation.
I think this stock has a one way ticket to $80 where it will stall and probably take profits before its off to $100. There is no way I am going to miss this one.

On Aug. 6th I couldn't believe it when I saw a video of Cramer on the homepage of Digg with over 2000 diggs! What was all the fuss about!? I've seen Cramer flip out 1,000 times but never like this...

This was seriously Cramers biggest meltdown to date, but that's just because he knows when he is right and is not afraid to hide it. Cramer knows the market better than anyone and still the bashers continue to peck away at him. He is just such an easy target! Who else puts their neck out on the line EVERY DAY making calls on the market for the benefit of EVERYONE. It looks like more than just homegamers are paying attention.

Aug 17th Bernanke did exactly what Cramer told him to do. He cuts the rate to 5-3/4% or 50 basis points. We know he reports directly to Bush, but who is that other guy whispering in Bernanke's ear???

A popular topic of Cramer's book: Watch TV Get Rich, is that when Cramer is serious about something you can tell. Most of the show it seems like he is just goofing around, because he is, but when Cramer wants his viewers to know/understand something, he makes sure they are paying attention.

This was a classic example of Cramer knowing what to do and him making sure his viewers are listening. I wonder if he knew Bernanke reads Digg?

VMWare went public yesterday and popped 79% on the first day. The company's market cap is set at $19 billion making it the 5th largest software company on the market; reasonably so.

VMWare's virtualization software is unbelievable and is only the beginning of what will be a virtual server explosion. I am not going to miss this one. Ive sat on the sidelines and watched some HUGE tech IPOs fly by in the past (like when I thought GOOG was expensive at $85) and I am not going to let it happen again.

Bought in @ $51.99 this morning.

JMBA announced quarterly results today and got fucking hammered. The market seems to think that same store sales are the magic number for a company like Jamba. SSS fell 3.3% taking JMBA too all time lows. Revenue actually increased a few million, but the street didnt seem to care. If this company were still SVI and had never announced acquiring Jamba the stock would not even be this bad.

Merriman Curhan Ford (some stupid analyst) initiated coverage of JMBA this morning with a buy. They feel as I do that this company is going to be a big brand powerhouse some day.

The weird thing is that this is such a strong company, growing so rapidly, such a huge brand; why can't they just get their act together!?

I am going to just stick around, posssssibly sell half my position, but i still have faith in this company.

I usually delete most chain emails, luckily I opened this one today. It said:

"The only man in the world who's heart is in his stomach"

That is just too good.

HOKU's chart was looking prime for a short trade today. I couldn't wait to get into the market and make up for that catastrophe of a trade in JSDA last week.

After analyzing it this morning I was happy to see it gap up on no news. I bought in half of my position quick and was planning on doubling the position after I saw what it did.

When everything was going as planned, the stock was tanking but I just couldn't pull the trigger and short more. I was thinking about that JSDA trade, its haunting me. The last thing I wanted to do was double my position after I was already up and then see the stock go against me.

Later HOKU made a nice little bottom at 8.90 and I was thinking it was time to sell. I couldn't quite pull the trigger quick enough. I ended up bailing at 9.15. Made .70 a share or 7.65% which is a fucking great trade.

My goal is to make over 6% per trade and I killed it in one daytrade. If only I had doubled my position I would have made everything back from that JSDA trade. Maybe next time.

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