I got stopped out on CROX today at $59. I think this was a combination of bad timing, and bad timing =) The market has been exploding ever since the rate cut and is taking all manufacturers and retailers with it.
Maybe I am a little too early? CROX will fall, maybe I wait till after the holidays.
Maybe some lucky kids will get ugly rubber shoes in their stocking for Christmas.

eDit- CROX flew to 60.73 within 3 minutes of getting stopped out at 59. Thank goodneSS for stoPs.

Thanks to the Techcrunch 40 I was introduced to a new company today called Cake Financial. I had this idea for a while but didn't have the time or $ to get it going. They did an amazing job & I think this is going to be a huge hit for investors.

Basically it is community investing. See what community members are buying, selling, saying. You can see how the community is doing as a whole via the Cakedex and learn from the traders who are making the most money.

The most impressive feature is the ability to import your investing account directly from your broker. It was painless and smooth. Without this feature, this idea wouldn't work. People would try to manipulate the system. But since every trade is pulled directly from your account, there is no tampering with your activity.

Mad Props to the Cake guys, they did it right.

One more thing...
Check it out! I was the top performer for the last 30 days on their launch day. sweeeeet.

Today USC announced a partnership with Google that will give USC students access to a special USC version of Google Apps. I have 2 classes this semester where all the projects are done in groups. We are using Google Apps to write all the papers, take notes, and make outlines. I even have to do a powerpoint presentation next week. Since I just got access to the new presentation software I am going to HAVE to use it :)

I am glad to see USC is teaming with Google for this. Collaboration software is so important in business and education it just makes perfect sense. My school forced me to take a Microsoft Office Class. A Google Apps class in the curriculum is the next step.

Ive watched CROX run up ever since its IPO. I can not believe the amount of hype around these foam pieces of shit shoes. These things are a fad and this stock is going to die. I have been patiently waiting for a good time to short and I think the time has come.
With yesterday's rate cut, the market is up over 400 points in 2 days. Today the market is booming up 100 points and CROX is lagging hard (down 3%) while every stock on my radar is green.

Crocs has a large short interest, 16% of the float.
I am not the only one who wants this thing to tank.

The resistance is at $62.
It is currently banging on the support at the $55 level.
The next support level down is at roughly $49.

I am going to try and short this thing down to that level.

Today Alan Greenspan (former chairman of the federal reserve) predicted that the stock market is about to crash. Great...

"The behavior in what we are observing in the last seven weeks is identical in many respects to what we saw in 1998, what we saw in the stock-market crash of 1987."

If I am going to believe anyone, its him, hes been there, seen these things happen, RAN THE SHOW. He is the only person in the market that I respect more than Cramer.


So Jobs lowered the price of the iPhone to $399... gave me ringtones which I need to buy...
Did I just pay $100 a month to be one of the first people with an iPhone?
I can alllmost say it was worth it!? =)
Jobs owes us.

SIRI has been a hot stock since day one. It is super hated on because frankly, no one listens to satellite radio. Sirious and XM have announce a planned merger for some time now and have not yet gotten the gov. approval. This has been the longest approval process ive ever witnessed leaving many to believe that it is not going to happen.

Today, former FCC chairman, Mark Fowler made public that he is behind the merger and believes it will go through. Investors have been waiting for a catalyst and I think this is it.

I am going to buy half a position now and probably another half when more news is released.

Bought half a position @ $3.08

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