Subliminal Autosuggest Advertising

What if software like Microsoft Word, Google Docs or even the iPhone OS autosuggested contextually relevant "sponsored words" while you were typing? For example, you're writing a blog post that mentions advertising and the next time you started to type a noun that started with the letter "A" the program "suggested" Adwords.

Sponsored WordI know it doesn't sound like much, but it's not alone, its part of a campaign. Do this a couple times, before exposing you to banner and text ads promoting Adwords and I bet click through rates go up dramatically. Why? Curiosity will kick in. You'll see an ad promoting Adwords and think, "I know I've heard of this before... What is Adwords?" and you'll click.

Just wanted to throw this out there. Maybe its already happening?

When Laser Focus Kills

It's been about a year since I freed myself from my crazy ideas. At the time, Ian and I had just finished working on the first prototype of iSpy and our Real World Gaming platform. I realized I had reached this milestone countless times before with other projects. We built it. It worked. Now the only thing that could prevent this from being a massive success was my next crazy idea.

Luckily, I was working so hard on SplitP that I hadn't had any new ideas in the past few days. To prevent a new one from attacking I quickly started throwing away ideas left and right. I gave away one project on my blog and hid 20-30 Google Docs (easily a billion dollars worth of ideas) from myself to keep them out of sight and out of mind. When the dust settled, there were no survivors, not even this blog.

With nothing left to get in my way I've focused 110% on SplitP for the past year. I literally trained myself to stop having new ideas in fear that they will somehow knock me off my horse. This laser focus has resulted in remarkable progress on the project, but I can't help feeling like a part of me is missing.

A few days ago I was presented with an interesting opportunity. Someone approached us about using our Real World Gaming technology in a radical new way. It was a crazy idea. Something I had never even considered. This is definitely something I would have thought of a year ago! The more I thought about it, the more crazy ideas I had until I broke free from the prison I've spent the past year building around myself.

I'm realizing now that the relentless determination to fill every hole(hey Fred, that's what she said) and improve everything I come in contact with is what defines me as an entrepreneur. As a person. Its evolution. And being a part of evolution and experiencing evolution is what I live for.

So I realize now that I spent the past year going from one extreme to another. From working on a new project everyday to living and breathing just one idea for a year. The problem isn't the ideas, its subconsciously sabotaging the success of one idea with another. So going back to my original post a year ago, I am going to start writing more and sharing my ideas more freely. Maybe if I confront them directly and publicly they wont be so scary.

Who asks the best question?

I noticed something strange today during all the "Buzz" around Google. All these services that ask you to update your status ask a different question:

Twitter: What's happening?

twitter status

Facebook: What's on your mind?

facebook status

Buzz: Share what you're thinking

google buzz status

So the questions is... Who asks the best question? Which question motivates you to post? Which one doesn't? Do you think this matters at all? Knowing Google, I am sure they tested 10,000 iterations of their "question" before deciding. Let me know what you think.

Google's Chrome TV Ad Campaign Strategy Hidden In Plain Sight

Google's first Television ad campaign generated quite a bit of chatter this last week. Unfortunately coverage of this campaign by the big blogs completely missed the mark. The announcement of the Chrome TV ads on Google's Official Blog details the reasons for the campaign, but was anyone paying attention?

Click here to find out what the hell Google is up too...


FunnyTivoFace is my first biz up for grabs. Unlike some of my upcoming posts, this site is already up, running and packed with content. The last posts were in October of '08 during the Presidential Debates. They got some pretty good traffic, but I didn't have the time, energy or passion to keep it going. If you do, let me know.

The Pitch
Ever paused your TV and instantly burst out into laughter over the ridiculous face you caught someone making? captures these surprise moments and posts them for the world to see. FunnyTivoFace(FTF) capitalizes off a model proven by the People Magazines and Perez Hiltons of the world; people love to see celebrities look stupid.

The Content
With television lineups constantly changing and new celebrity starlets popping up every month, there is an endless amount of content for this site to live and thrive on forever. The content for the posts is really easy to generate. 1) Download shows on your computer and take screenshots (that's what I did, gets the best quality) or snap a picture of your TV. 2) Post the picture with a simple description. The site automatically inserts the photo into a TV and generates the ads. There is a huge opportunity to crowdsource the content generation if you can get people on board.

The Fans
The best part about this model is the enormous potential fan base! Shows like American Idol have over 30 million viewers all tuning in waiting to see a contestant fall on their face or do something stupid. By networking through other blogs and marketing in fan forums I can't imagine this site not being successful. Fans can subscribe via rss, email or add to iGoogle.

Making Money
Making $$ off impressions and banner clicks is tough business but, but there is also an opportunity for massive distribution. FTF could potentially be the next Getty Images of celebrity stupidness. Blogs and media companies are always looking for images such as these to post with their articles.

The Deal
So I am looking for someone to take over FTF and build it out right. This person should not only have experience in blogging, but media connections couldn't hurt. Prove to me that you have what it takes, and we will work something out.

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Free Me From My Killer Ideas

Free Me From My Killer Ideas

All my life I have been cursed with the passion and determination to turn every crazy idea I come up with into a thriving business. While most people may consider this a gift, they have never run 6,245 businesses simultaneously with $0 and 1 employee (me) while going to school full time. As my college journey comes to an end, I find myself with a KILLER idea and finally in a position to pursue my dream of starting a "true" business.

In order to commit to my new business 110% I need let go of a few fun ideas I have been tinkering with over the years. I also need an outlet for giving away any new ideas before I accidentally start executing on them. I'm going to start posting my crazy business ideas here on my blog in hopes that someone, somewhere will take the idea and run with it.

For the record, I got this idea from GaryVee when he gave away his ideafor a web based live streaming QVC network. This video also spawned one of Gary's all time greatest quotes "When you make a billi, make sure you throw me a couple hundred milli". Sounds like a fair deal =)

Replicating The Google Maps iPhone App

I know its ambitious task to take this on as my first Google Maps API Project, but what the hell. If you can help me get this working, you can use it for yourself. Hows that for incentive? =)

iPhone Safari Dev Stuff

So I have been doing a lot of web dev, particularly for an iPhone project I am working on and wanted to share some of the things I stumbled upon. I usually don't write posts like this, but since The Googster made some of this info overly complicated to find I thought: Why Not? Some of this stuff might make you say "Duh!" while others might make you say "Ahh. Interesting...". So anyway here we go...

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