The Hardest Game In The World

After three days of frustration I have finally beat THE HARDEST GAME IN THE WORLD. Once I start playing games like this it is impossible for me to stop. Truthfully I wish Dylan never showed me this. But once I started playing... there was no stopping me. See how many deaths I had!!! jeeez. I am just glad this is over. Give it a shot and let me know what you think!

Proof that I actually beat this shit!
The Last LevelI Won!

When Google Owns Everything

Casi and I were chatting and I brought up that Google was going to start selling tv advertising. She was like WTF! are they trying to do everything?? Yeah they are, soon everthing is going to be googalized! This lead to about a half hour of us coming up with awesome google words:

Googlishious - Googtacular - Googorama - Googley - Goognormous - Googalization - Googtastic - Googness - Googantuant - Goognation

I told her that beer shes drinking might some day be a Googweiser or a Goog Light. That led into another half hour of Googalized people, products, companies & places:

Googneyland - gBeach - Drive a Googyota - Barack GooBama - Shop at Googstroms - Produce from Googbertsons - Gas from Argo - Snacks from sevenGleven - Sippn Goognotiq - Knots Googley Farm - Googlifornia

When it was over I couldnt resist throwing together some Googalized logoz. Enjoy!

20th Century Goo

24 Hour Gooness

Beyond Googtroleum

Citigoog - Corporate & Investment Banking

Disgover Card

Wells Googo Bank



Goog Warner Cable

Goorriott Hotels and Resorts

Uncle Googs Rice

Googbucks Coffee

Googlebees Restaurant

Googaroni & Cheese

Gox Cable

The Ritz-Googleton

Googbuster Video

GSPN Classics

Googboy TV

The Mighty Googs

Goog of America

Fed-Ex Ginkos




Goog In The Box

Googmerican Express

Washington Googtual

Stock Picking Validation

Sometimes its nice to get validation that you made the right decisions. The portfolio I put together the other day is acting beautifully today. Now I know not to expect this every day, but at least I know I am going down the right path with the Rockn A Full Portfolio strategy. The three stocks at the top I am short the rest I am long. Looks nice dosn't it?

Sometimes you just KNOW

Once again I talk up a storm about what im going to do and then don't follow through. I guess thats the point of this blog, I can post my analysis and then get fucking pissed when I dont do what I said I would. At least I tried this time though.

On September 19 2007 I posted my feelings on CROX and how I felt it was a steaming pile of shit. To quote it exactly I said "These things are a fad and this stock is going to die." I took a big short position that day @ $55 but got stopped out 5 days later at $59.

In hindsight I am glad I set such a close stop because over the next month and a half CROX flew to the $75 mark. Had I not put the stop I would have probably bought back the shares at a much higher price. The day I got stopped out I posted my analysis of the situation. "I got stopped out on CROX today at $59. I think this was a combination of bad timing, and bad timing =). Maybe I am a little too early? CROX will fall, maybe I wait till after the holidays."

When earnings came around I wasn't paying attention and completely missed the bout. CROX dropped from 75.21 to 33.75 in one week. Boy did that get my attention. I revisited CROX for a small day-trade on Dec. 11 and made a little $. On Jan 23 I posted about Choosing A Dog and referred again back to CROX again when I was analyzing VMW for a potential short (I wasnt able to stick with that one either, and it would have been a $ maker).

Today was CROX earnings announcement and once again it is getting PWNED. The stock I first shorted at $55 is now down at $10.50 over the course of 6 months and I just watched it happen from the sidelines.

A couple times a year a stock presents itself and I KNOW without a doubt which direction it is going. CROX was one of those stocks. I have had many theories on how to play the market and one of them goes like this: Wait for the opportunities that you are 100% sure of, and keep a lot of cash on hand so you are prepared when it presents itself.

If I could do this I would be making a ton more money and be trading A LOT less. Patience is the key to investing. Every time a situation like CROX happens, I get a little closer to fully realizing this. Some day I might just get the courage to stick to my plan.

Rock'n a full portfolio

So I've been mostly cash for the last couple months because I've been dealing with other shizt. Today I decided to put my $ to work and bought up a bunch of stox. Going into today I had JMBA (which I've had forever and is killing me), SIRF (not doing too well either but GPS chips will eventually be in everything), CFSG which is just chilln and I'm still short UA which is going well. So here is what I bought/sold today:

FMCN: Bought @ $32.50
This stock has been tanking for the last couple months and ya, they lowered revenue guidance today but it sounds like a bunch of BS to me. They lowered their guidance because of a new rule that says they cant text message people without their permission (they shouldn't have been doing that anyway!). They will easily make back that money when American companies start calling them up for advertising during the olympics. I think it will be a lot more than they anticipated.

AMZN: Sold short @ $73.02
If we are going into a recession (looks likely) retail is toast. Today retail posted its March numbers which were the worst in 13 years. Amazon should get hurt from this and I dont think their kindle is going to do that well either.

AAPL: Bought @ $154.24
I fucking love Apple. The End.

LOCM: Bought @ $4.10
While there is a bunch of madness regarding Yahoo! right now that isn't why I bought into LOCM( I got this because of the same reason I bought SIRF. GPS is going into every phone and every device we imaginable and local information is becoming increasingly valuable. Sure GOOG and YHOO already have that stuff but expect someone who dosn't want to do business with them hooking up with or buying LOCM in the near future.

STP: Bought @ $47.62
I have always been hot on solar and I need some exposure to it in my portfolio (no pun intended... ya right). FSLR is obviously the best of breed but its extremely expensive and the chart is starting to look kinda scary, I had a pretty bad experience with LDK so now I am going to try STP. The sun is fucking hot man and soon it will power everything. That's why it is there, lets use it!

Crash Productions Video

I made this video in 2001 when learning how to use Adobe After Effects. I would have put it on YouTube, but I don't think it existed yet!?

AITG Got Jacked

After five years of slaving away for AITG I now find myself unself employed. AITG was recently bought by the largest award and recognition company in the world, Eighth Floor Promotions. They are a holding company that owns AwardCraft, Visions, Craftsman and now AITG. They are most likely going to scrap my award winning website and rebuild it with ASP and Flash (YUCK!!).

Working for AITG was an amazing experience. I learned more there than I ever thought imaginable. I got the job just out of high school with the class yearbook as my portfolio. I never imagined I would be designing 300 page catalogs and building award winning websites.

The most important skill gained from my time at AITG was learning webdev. I had always been intimidated by the web and for good reason, shit aint easy! was the first website I ever built and winning the PPAI Web Award was a major boost of confidence and a moment I will never forget.

So the life plan got a little sidetracked. I was going to work at AITG until I was done with school and then start a business of my own. I am 2 semesters shy of finishing school so it wasn't too far off (who was I to expect the plan to go perfect!?). I am going to take 4 classes this summer and try to finish school up next semester. I have enough cash to get by for some time and I just want to focus on getting to the next phase of my life.

If I could do it over again I wouldn't change a thing. The only part I regret was the way it all came to an end.

Yentaz-LogoWe started a fun new website to play off the crazy celebrity madness going on lately. There are tons of celebrity events that take place but don't have pictures or videos to go along with them. So why not just re-enact the scenes with dolls?

Now I know what your thinking, Greg, is that you? Ya I duno, it just sounds fun, and Dorfman landed a pretty good domain name. Seems like a fun idea that we can get the girls involved in. See what you think

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