The market is tanking AGAIN today over 100pts. My stop triggered in RACK and I sold all 200 share at 13.08. Pulled in a 4.85% gain in 3 days (NOT BAD!!) I plan on trading this stock frequently. I like the action and I think its going much higher.
AAPL exploded this morning again on a terrible down day to $126.79 on an analyst upgrade to $160 a share!! wow! Either he is right or he just signed AAPL's death sentence! We shall see.... I will be looking to swap long to short very soon.

I just entered into my first short position ever. JA just asked me what I think of Under Armor so I checked it out. It has a PEG ratio of 1.99. Thats really high! 2 is the max (thanks cramer!). On top of that I saw it jUst broke down through its recent support level. It looks like there was a double top and that this outperforming stock might start trending down. That is purely speculation but it sure does look like this is the case! What a perfect opportunity to test out my shortskiLLz . A down 125 day and a stock overvalued breaking down through its support on what looks like momentum. I sold short at 46.06. I am going to keep a close stop cause thisisssss my first short play.

If I am talking about shorting should I refer to support as resistance and resistance as support!?!? I duno I have never done this!
I am just going to keep them as is, talk about them like its a stock thats going up

Support- was between 46.10 & 46.30
The next major support will be about 45.50
The MAJOR support is around 43.50 and this is where I plan on selling (BUYING ACTUALLY!)

The DOW is down over 100 but my position in rack is staying above my stop. The lowest it went was 13.30. AAPL and GOOG are hitting all time highs on one of the worst days ive seen in a few weeks. AAPL and GOOG are fucking monsters. There is rumor of a stock split in both of them. I dont think that would do much for AAPL but if GOOG splits EVERYONE will be backing up the truck. I know I will!!!

Woke up to being the proud owner of 100 shares of rack. My buy triggered at 12.09 and it was already above 13 when i rolled out of bed. (Now thats how you make money). It peaked at 13.25 (SOO close to my 10% mark) and then it trickled down for the rest of the day to close at 12.66. I bought 100 more shares @ 12.86 and put in a stop to sell 100 shares at 12.50. My average is now at $12.475

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