Monday night Casi and I went to Mia's to play poker. Casi dosnt usually come with me to play because she has never won and dosn't like to waste her money. Well she finally won her first game and she won with a BANG!

All night her chip stack had been about the same. She won a couple hands, lost a couple nothing crazy. On the last hand of the night it was Casi, Eitan, and Zach. There was pre-flop raising from Zach and they called.

The flop, Ace King Seven. Zach raises, Eitan & Casi just call. The turn pairs the board and Zach bets again, call, call. The river is a dud and Zach goes all in. Eitan folds,(turns out he had nothing) Casi calls and Zach flips over his pocket Kings. Everyone was stunned, nice aZz hand. Casi just sits there with a shocked look on her face, then she flips her cards.

Pocket Aces.

With the explosion in gaming, media PCs and Apple computers, There is no better place to be than the high end graphics market. In their May 10th quarterly earnings report the CEO stated that the company's "strategy is clear and focused -- to be the world leader in GPUs and capitalize on this exciting opportunity." It must be exciting when you virtually OWN your market.

When it comes to high end graphics there are only two names in the business, ATI and Nvidia. ATI (Nvidia's only competitor in the high performance GPU market) was recently bought by AMD in an attempt to compete against Intel in the server market. All AMD wanted was ATI's patent portfolio for virtualized graphics. Since servers don't have graphics cards, this was basically AMD's big move into the server market.

The big problem here is that AMD has cut ATI's R&D budget and is not focusing on its high end cards. The computer manufacturers noticed this and they are all fazing out ATI options.

The only two ATI cards available from Apple are the Radeon X1900 XT in the Mac Pros, and the ATI Radeon X1600 in the 17" iMacs. Take a look at Dell's notebook line and you will see only 2 of the 7 GPU options are ATI (The rest are Intel).

The only competition left for Nvidia is Intel. Intel has yet to get into the high end GPU market because it goes against everything they are trying to accomplish. Intel's goal is to get both the graphics and the processor on the same chip. This works for mobile and simple computers(like Mac Books. ), but when it comes to hi definition video and advanced gaming, it takes a serious card.

Rumor is that Intel is planning on coming out with a high end graphics chips. When that happens it could scare investors out of NVDA, but it will most likely not even dent NVIDIA's market share.

When researching Nvidia I was wondering where they stand in the mobile movement. I was surprised to find out that NVIDIA supplies the graphics chips for most of Motorola's phones including the RAZR.

The tie between Apple and NVIDIA is stronger than ever. Just look at the graphics card line ups for the new macs. You can not get arguably the best notebook of all time with an ATI card.
So who's side would you rather be on?

Numbers don't lie and I will use them to back up my thesis, NVDA is going higher. A 44% increase in profits this quarter, profit margins set an all time record of a whopping 45.4% and at the same time R&D increased by 29%. The icing on the cake was NVDA's reason for this boost in rev/profit/margins. "Nvidia 1Q Profit Surges 44 Percent on Strong Market Demand for GPUs."

This has been a good stock for a long time but here is why NOW is the time to buy. First, the trend reversal has been confirmed. The 50 day moving average has just crossed the 200. Second, this stock's PEG Ratio is only 1.18. Stocks are said to be "expensive" when the PEG gets closer to 2.0. The sell off in early January was justified because the stock moved 100% in 4 short months at the end of the year. The profit taking is over and investors love a monopoly.

Jamba Juice reported record revenue and growth Monday. Read the press release here. The stock POPPED from $10 to $11 in after hours and then got hammered. Now its back at $9.50 and it is acting terrible.

Being from Los Angeles I have been interested in JMBA since the moment I heard it was going public. I have been following it since the day Service Acquisition Corp. (SVI) announced It was going to buy it back in March 2006. Then in Oct. 2006 SVI became JMBA and the rest is history...

The stock has gone down ever since. It is HATED for reasons I can not understand. This is a major growth story with a major brand name; whats not to like??? I think this stock will have its moment in the spotlight eventually. Until then I am going to wait on the sidelines. No point in owning a down stock.

I found this while poking around on the Amazon Daily Blog. This site supposedly tells you how rich you are compared to the rest of the world. They use the site to raise awareness(money) about how most of the world is completely poor. There is a statistic on there that says "Microsoft CEO Bill Gates has more wealth than the bottom 45 percent of American households combined." Thats kinda sad.

Oceans 13

Seeing Things From a Different Point of View

I am not really sure what significance this has. All I know is that I have never seen a super market from this point of view. Its kind of creepy isn't it?

Click through to see a larger version of this image.

I am working on a strategy known as filling the gap. This is nothing new but I dont think many traders focus on it. If not a lot of people are doing it, then its bound to be successful. I noticed this pattern when I was trading RACK.

Stocks usually fill their short term gaps. A gap is when a stock makes a large jump either up or down and leaves what looks like a gap in the chart. Sometimes this happens because of news, and sometimes it happens for no reason at all.

Now there are some rules that go along with this. Not every gap gets filled.
1) Never trade this strategy on a big gap down. I would consider a big gap anything over 20%. These usually occurs because of a news release. Keep your eye on that news.
2) Sell once the gap is filled. Our strategy is to fill the gap, if you want to hang on to the stock after the fact, you will need another strategy/reason.

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