After yesterdays trade I was eager to find another similar opportunity. JSDA got downgraded today but the title of the article was strangely worded.

"Molson Coors Brewing and Mohawk Industries Upgraded, Jones Soda Downgraded"

I think investors read this quick and thought JSDA got an upgrade.

The stock popped .92 instantly on a downgrade! At 11:25am I shorted at 16.30 expecting it to go right back down and then possibly even lower.
Instead it dropped to 16.20 and just rode sideways the rest of the day. I didn't want to have so much money riding overnight so I want to sell right at the market close and got this...

"15:59:57 Unable to enter the order becasue it was within 3 seconds of the market close."


No wither I need to dump after hours or pray Coke dosn't buy them tonight. :)

Today I decided to test my skills at daytrading. I have been waking up before the market for the past 2 weeks waiting to test my skills. Today came the perfect opportunity.

I have been keeping my eye on HOKU since i sold my short position 2 weeks ago. This stock has moved so much in recent months which is making it extremely volatile. I have been watching it waiting for a downward breakout. I prefer to short this stock because it has moved up SO MUCH in recent weeks that i dont see too much upside left... LOTS OF DOWNSIDE THOUGH. The stock opened and quickly jumped to its all time high, 14.55. I thought about shorting there but it was just too risky. There was no news but who knows if it will go higher. After it hit that high it tumbled down just below 14. After bouncing off 14 twice, I noticed it had created some resistance there. I sold short 300 shares @ 14 swore to sell if it reached 14.20.

The volume had gotten thinner and thinner, at 9:55 it made its last attempt at 14, failed and got pummeled. I was looking to make .30 a share but it flew past 13.70. I bought back the entire position at 13.35 making a cool 4.6% in a matter of minutes. The stock did bottom out at $13.00 but finally closed at $13.41.

All in all it couldnt have gone better.
I am going to make a list of super volatile stocks for times when im in the mood for daytrading. Considering all the money you can make, I should ALWAYS be in the mood. Problem is it is very time consuming, and sorta stressful. But if I am making money its totally worth it.

Incubus 7-11-07 Greek Theater

Over the last few weeks I have been coming up with every idea I can for a web company. Between Ian's mad coding skillz and my design and creativity I KNOW we can make something amazing. The first website we ever made won an award for the best in its industry ( I am definitely going to create some kind of community based site but I have no idea what (you can tell how far I am from making my decision!). There are a few things that i'm keeping in mind while coming up with ideas.

1) It needs to be remarkable! This means that it must be an idea that people will make remarks about. Whether its in their blog or just talking to their friends in order for the idea to spread it needs to be remarkable.

2) I want to try to use people's egos to help spread the idea. That sounds evil but really its not. I need people to WANT to spread the word about this site. What better way than to use their egos to help? example: Check out what I did!!!

3) I want to promote productivity. I don't want a bunch of lazy ass users. People who use this site will be driven and motivated which will make the community an active environment.

4) I cant be afraid to team up with other web companies to get it done. For example, If part of the site involved adding pictures, there is no reason for me to host and manage them. We could use flickr, picasa etc.

5) It has got to be something that im interested in. I watched a panel discussion the other day and one of the GUYS was starting a community for single mothers. I doubt he is interested in that and I cant imagine it succeeding for just that very reason.

6) It needs to be able to make money. Not to be a greedy bastard (which I am), but if I am going to put a lot of time and energy into this it would be nice to come up with an idea that can be profitable. The more revenue streams the better. I can use ads, payed services, sell products or even build a site specifically to become takeover bait.

7) Some part of the company has to involve something super innovative. I could always rip off some other site and make a "Me Too", but the site has to be known as the first website that let its users _________.

If you have any ideas for a company that meets all these criteria let me know. I am recording all of our ideas at It is password protected so if you want to get involved or even just tell me why all our ideas suck, drop me an email and I will give you access to the site.

NYX got an upgrade from Lehman Brothers today boosting their rating from Overweight to Equal Weight. They have a $95 price target on the stock. I bought in at 75 and it closed at 82. I still think this stock has great potential when you consider the runs all the other exchanges have had this year and last.

Investors were worried that they would rush out and make another aquisition the second the Euronext deal was done. Obviously this did not happen. That is why the stock has been dragging. If it gets to 85 tomorrow I will probably sell and buy some back lower.

I leave for my dads wedding in Vegas today. This seems like a good excuse to trim some of my holdings. The market is running nicely and it seems lika a good time to get out of my short positions.
AAPL ran over expectations over the iPhone selling record amounts.
I was officially WRONG on that one and I will never bet against apple again... its just to risky.
I bought AAPL back at $131.94.

I noticed HOKU starting to run so I bought that back as well @ $11.00.
It eventually flew to 12.33 so i'm sure glad I acted quickly. Too bad I didnt short again at those levels because it closed at $11.42. I will most likely trade this stock again. I like how liquid and volatile it is.

JSDA, which I have been down on ever since I bought in, is exploding today on no news. I love this stock and I think it will go much higher, but I also think I can buy back in at lower levels. I sold today at $18.25 booking a nice 2.25 a share profit. I will definitely pick up some more when the price is right.

As for the rest of my portfolio (NYX, MAG, RACK) I am not seeing much action. NYX is popping today and I have finally gone into the green on that one. It is hated so much it is nice to see it finally going up. RACK has not moved much at all. If we get some news and a nice pop, I will probably dump it.

Hoku has gone up 300% in the last three weeks. It has gone from having a market cap of $75 million to being worth $178 million. So can a company grow at 100% a week forever. No Way! This is a major hype deal and I am going to short the hell out of it. I hopped in today Short @ $10.95.

NYX has been getting beat down for some time. Competition among the exchanges is getting fierce. This is one of Cramers Top growth picks for the year and I have no problem trading based on that alone. He believes that Euronext should be $100 a share if it was trading by itself. With NYX's acquisition or Euronext this thing should be MUCH higher.
Today NYX announced their earnings will be released Aug. 2 and I think they will be amazing. Since this stock has gotten pummelled for so long I think it might trade up going into the earnings. I will decide whether I want to hang on or sell into the earnings based on the action I see going in to it.

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