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So I've been mostly cash for the last couple months because I've been dealing with other shizt. Today I decided to put my $ to work and bought up a bunch of stox. Going into today I had JMBA (which I've had forever and is killing me), SIRF (not doing too well either but GPS chips will eventually be in everything), CFSG which is just chilln and I'm still short UA which is going well. So here is what I bought/sold today:

FMCN: Bought @ $32.50
This stock has been tanking for the last couple months and ya, they lowered revenue guidance today but it sounds like a bunch of BS to me. They lowered their guidance because of a new rule that says they cant text message people without their permission (they shouldn't have been doing that anyway!). They will easily make back that money when American companies start calling them up for advertising during the olympics. I think it will be a lot more than they anticipated.

AMZN: Sold short @ $73.02
If we are going into a recession (looks likely) retail is toast. Today retail posted its March numbers which were the worst in 13 years. Amazon should get hurt from this and I dont think their kindle is going to do that well either.

AAPL: Bought @ $154.24
I fucking love Apple. The End.

LOCM: Bought @ $4.10
While there is a bunch of madness regarding Yahoo! right now that isn't why I bought into LOCM( I got this because of the same reason I bought SIRF. GPS is going into every phone and every device we imaginable and local information is becoming increasingly valuable. Sure GOOG and YHOO already have that stuff but expect someone who dosn't want to do business with them hooking up with or buying LOCM in the near future.

STP: Bought @ $47.62
I have always been hot on solar and I need some exposure to it in my portfolio (no pun intended... ya right). FSLR is obviously the best of breed but its extremely expensive and the chart is starting to look kinda scary, I had a pretty bad experience with LDK so now I am going to try STP. The sun is fucking hot man and soon it will power everything. That's why it is there, lets use it!
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