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JMBA- All Time Lows, & Taking Me With It

JMBA announced quarterly results today and got fucking hammered. The market seems to think that same store sales are the magic number for a company like Jamba. SSS fell 3.3% taking JMBA too all time lows. Revenue actually increased a few million, but the street didnt seem to care. If this company were still SVI and had never announced acquiring Jamba the stock would not even be this bad.

Merriman Curhan Ford (some stupid analyst) initiated coverage of JMBA this morning with a buy. They feel as I do that this company is going to be a big brand powerhouse some day.

The weird thing is that this is such a strong company, growing so rapidly, such a huge brand; why can't they just get their act together!?

I am going to just stick around, posssssibly sell half my position, but i still have faith in this company.

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