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Jamba Juice Explodes On Record Earnings, And Then Tanks

Jamba Juice reported record revenue and growth Monday. Read the press release here. The stock POPPED from $10 to $11 in after hours and then got hammered. Now its back at $9.50 and it is acting terrible.

Being from Los Angeles I have been interested in JMBA since the moment I heard it was going public. I have been following it since the day Service Acquisition Corp. (SVI) announced It was going to buy it back in March 2006. Then in Oct. 2006 SVI became JMBA and the rest is history...

The stock has gone down ever since. It is HATED for reasons I can not understand. This is a major growth story with a major brand name; whats not to like??? I think this stock will have its moment in the spotlight eventually. Until then I am going to wait on the sidelines. No point in owning a down stock.

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