Investing In Hybrid Technologies

I am the first person to admit that investing in penny stocks is shady business. One of these days I will write a full explanation of why I do it anyways. My most recent penny stock investment is in Hybrid Technologies(HYBR.OB)

Hybrid Tech. makes lithium ion powered vehicles. Basically what that means is that they have found a way to power cars with the same technology that powers our cell phones and laptops. They have a full line of cars most of which take between 6-10 hours to charge and can be charged up to 1,500 times before needing replaced batteries. If you charge your car every single night (which isn't necessary), thats still over 4 years of battery life.

The hype around this company is huge and they have a very aggressive PR company fueling the fire. Recently Popular Mechanics Magazine Experts reported that Hybrid Technologies has a real chance at winning the Xprize.

Four years ago the stock was trading at about $100! Shares has been acting pretty crazy lately and took a giant hit recently after the company payed a large cash dividend (shaddyyy). After getting knocked down to $2 it is making a comaback on strong volume. It will be interesting to see how much this stock can recover from the big fall.

I bought in at $4.65 on Monday 5/12/08 and already find myself up 23%. I am going to hang on and see if this is the penny stock that makes me rich =)

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