Free Me From My Killer Ideas

All my life I have been cursed with the passion and determination to turn every crazy idea I come up with into a thriving business. While most people may consider this a gift, they have never run 6,245 businesses simultaneously with $0 and 1 employee (me) while going to school full time. As my college journey comes to an end, I find myself with a KILLER idea and finally in a position to pursue my dream of starting a "true" business.

In order to commit to my new business 110% I need let go of a few fun ideas I have been tinkering with over the years. I also need an outlet for giving away any new ideas before I accidentally start executing on them. I'm going to start posting my crazy business ideas here on my blog in hopes that someone, somewhere will take the idea and run with it.

For the record, I got this idea from GaryVee when he gave away his ideafor a web based live streaming QVC network. This video also spawned one of Gary's all time greatest quotes "When you make a billi, make sure you throw me a couple hundred milli". Sounds like a fair deal =)

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