Dont Let The Daily Movements Affect Your Overall Plan

If you are not looking to make quick trades, there is a definate disadvantage of having your live stream up on your screen's every day. The twitchy daily movements of the market seem to have a much greater impact than they really do. Sometimes you need to remember to just sit back and analyze the overall trend..

I have been short UA for some time now. I have been in the green for the majority of the trade but I started to get a little bit worried yesterday. On Thursday of last week the stock was trading at roughly $32 and Monday it hit a high of $37.44.

Now usually this would throw up some serious flags and I would be tempted to get out while I am still in the money. But luckily I am learning to relax and not let the twitchyness of the market cloud my judgment. As you can see below, this GIANT $5 MOVE was nothing but a blip on the chart of a stock spiraling out of control.

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