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Ive watched CROX run up ever since its IPO. I can not believe the amount of hype around these foam pieces of shit shoes. These things are a fad and this stock is going to die. I have been patiently waiting for a good time to short and I think the time has come.
With yesterday's rate cut, the market is up over 400 points in 2 days. Today the market is booming up 100 points and CROX is lagging hard (down 3%) while every stock on my radar is green.

Crocs has a large short interest, 16% of the float.
I am not the only one who wants this thing to tank.

The resistance is at $62.
It is currently banging on the support at the $55 level.
The next support level down is at roughly $49.

I am going to try and short this thing down to that level.

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