Backup Your Brain

When I built BrainBackup back in '06 my goal was to document my life so I could revisit later and see how I evolved. By making it a public forum I could share what I was doing and hopefully meet people with similar goals and interests. At that time a blog was the best tool for the job, but it's clear now that blogging couldn't possibly capture the massive amounts of data I generate.

So what happened? Friction.

Simply living your life requires a lot of energy, let alone documenting it along the way. Thousands of apps have stepped up to the challenge of removing some of that friction thats led to massive fragmentation. My data is scattered everywhere. I still desire a centralized backup (that I own) of all my thoughts and experiences.

Currently, the best tool available for backing up your brain is Facebook. The problem for me is that most people (including myself) don't use Facebook this way. Facebook was famously built to be a tool for mimicking real life social experiences online. I think they've come to realize that there's more demand for a tool that frictionlessly documents and backs up your life experiences. Thats why Facebook so generously [sarcasm] opened up their platform to developers. Developers need users (which Facebook has all), and Facebook wants to document and backup all the experiences you're logging with their apps. Its brilliant if you think about it, but Facebook wasn't built for this. Evidence of this disconnect smacks you in the face your neighbor posts to the Timeline of your life asking if they can borrow your vacuum cleaner. I thought this was the story of my life!? Back off!

A proper mechanism for frictionlessly capturing my thoughts and experiences is still up for grabs, but the real winner will be the tool that derives valuable insights from my data to help me live a better life. It will frictionlessly aggregate data from all the services I use and offer a killer way of making it accessible and useful. Woahhh. I've heard that before. If Google can do this with the world's information, think about how easily they should be able to do it for little old me. Thats what Google+ is all about.

Our brain is no longer the best tool for the job when it comes to storing and recalling information. The apps we use to record our life and the data silos our thoughts and experiences reside in won't matter once the right tool comes along.

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